Steady, Then Fast: PlaylistBuilder and ASU+GSV

April 23, 2024

What a difference a few months can make!

In my last blog in December, I wrote confidently about LearnerShape’s “steady progress”. Now it’s time for us to shift into a higher gear.

The reason for our acceleration is our new PlaylistBuilder application, which offers efficient AI-driven curation of video content for learning, targeted at higher-education institutions but potentially with much broader application. LearnerShape’s broader offering is open source learning infrastructure that allows anyone to create a customized learning application – with PlaylistBuilder, we are evolving that approach by creating a product based on our own infrastructure.

Last week, I attended the ASU+GSV Summit, the world’s leading edtech conference, in San Diego, California. ASU+GSV is a fantastic event, with a wealth of content from the world’s leading educators, edtech professionals, academics, investors and others, a welcoming and active networking environment, and great karaoke in the evenings. 

Best of all at ASU+GSV, there was interest in PlaylistBuilder from virtually every university, investor and other institution that we talked to about it. This interest arises from the simple realization that there are a huge variety of valuable use cases for efficiently curated video content.

LearnerShape is now accelerating significantly to meet the emerging demand for PlaylistBuilder, which is in beta testing. At the same time, we are continuing to evolve our open source learning infrastructure offering to support targeted learning applications from other providers (as well as possibly additional products like PlaylistBuilder from us).

Watch this space for details as we progress, or if you would like to learn more about PlaylistBuilder or our broader offering, please get in touch now.

Maury Shenk, Founder & CEO, LearnerShape