Customized, targeted learning is key for transforming an organization..

The need for a new approach to workforce reskilling and upskilling is clear. LearnerShape is a leader in using AI and data science to accelerate enterprise learning.

Flexible Learning

We understand that no two organizations have the same learning needs. Our AI-based infrastructure can support any learning application you can imagine, using your skills framework and content of your choice (including from our extensive content library).

Workforce-Wide Scalability

Generate learning plans that get the right people to the right target jobs. Enable thousands of concurrent users to access tens or hundreds of thousands of content resources. It’s individualized workforce training at scale.

Accelerated Learning

Deploy faster, better, targeted learning to enable true organizational transformation. Applying AI and other intelligent technologies to the learning process allows organizational learning to adapt as quickly as the changing needs of companies and industries.

What if AI could power an entire, flexible learning infrastructure – combining custom training programs for individuals with enterprise-level scalability, enabling organizations to meet dynamically changing industry needs?

How LearnerShape works

LearnerShape provides a better alternative to traditional L&D. Our cost-efficient, flexible infrastructure provides a highly versatile learning solution tailored to your organization.


Organization identifies learning needs and develops specification with LearnerShape.


LearnerShape creates a custom AI-powered learning environment using open source components.


With hosted and on-premises options your custom LearnerShape environment delivers superior learning outcomes.

Open Source

LearnerShape is releasing its core technology as open source software, to build engagement and public standards for using data science for content recommendation and education. Please check out our documentation and code on Github and consider joining our project.

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LearnerShape E-book

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